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Matrix Control Unit   

RC220 - RC230

Audio  System  Volume  Control  

Volume Control Unit  

VC1240  4-16 Ohms 40W+40W  VC!140V  100V  40W  


Keypad Controller
 VC300    VC230    Keypad Controller  wall plates,  This system allows up to 8 audio Program sources and volume setting in each room.



  • RA210 80W+80W AM/FM Receiver



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   3-12  CH  Modular  Audio  System   Products.  

 The  PROART  Modular System  PP6000 PP6100  PP6200   PP7000  PP7060  Multi-channel  power amplifier. Integrated amplifier preamplifier . and microphone mixer  is a professional, TAIWAN TIMING has designed most unique line of multi-channel  PP-System  available. The PP-System are completely modular within their optional  19-inch rack  mount  cassis.

   8-12 CH   Professional  Power   Amplifier  

The  PROART  Multi-channel  System  MA1008  MA1104  MA1204  MA3112  Multi-channel  power amplifier  is a professional, TAIWAN TIMING has designed most unique line of  4-8-12 Multi-channel  AMPLIFIER

    Balance  to  Unbalance   
  BC1100    BC1200     BC1300

  Balance  to   Unbalance 


BC2100   DI Box 



 BC2800      MP3 Player



   Tube  Amplifier  &  Integrated  Amplifier.  

 Amplifier: AT210(15W*2)               AT230(35W*2)             Pre Amplifier: AR200T


   Professional 4 Zone Mixer Pre Amplifier.  

       4 Zone Mixer: PM3360                                                4Zone Mixer: PM3340

























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